The  Naval Expedition was fortunate enough to have got the attention the National media bestowed upon, owing to the unique nature of the mission.

It was a first time attempt by any Naval team in the world, and to be successful on the first try was beyond our wildest dreams.

While the Financial Express celebrated the Conquest of the Mountain by Seamen , Silicon India was succinct and to the point about the Indian Naval Team conquering Everest.

Everest News, the online community of everything about Everest  gave us pride of place on their homepage India Navy Summits Everest :2004 Expedition,  while Mount Everest.Net -the online commune of Everest climbers displayed the Indian tricolor along with our summit news on the Home page, a very proud moment for all of us.

Personally, all the local newspapers of Kerala ran with the story, adding  and filling up wherever they found the excitement lacking, and I was a bit too tired clarifying the facts one after the other.

The most popular daily of Kerala and probably with the largest national circulation, The Malayala Manorama ran a article about the proud son of Kottayam (!), and they even dedicated a supplement edition of the Sunday Reader to the entire expedition, dated 12 September, 2004.

You can read it here .

So kind of them.

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