About Me.

8300 mDear Fellow Traveller,

If you have reached till here, well, a warm note of thanks. Once a Submariner, am currently enjoying my status as the proverbial traveler with hardly any idea of my destination.

Because once you start traveling, the voyage never ends. It plays on endlessly in some corner of your mind, over and over again, catching you by surprise in the most unexpected moments of solitude.

That, and an open mind have taken me to the corners of the planet that I would have never expected possibly exist nor fit for human beings. You could blame that on being incredibly lucky too.

The trip to Mount Everest was also a result of a combination of all those factors, that affect you in a way that sometimes is physically impossible.

I love to call a spade a damn spade and love staying put with what I trust as being fair and right, both in love and otherwise.

I believe we are all born with an invisible pair of traveling shoes.

I intend to wear mine to the ground.


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