3rd June 2004 | Going Home.

Posted on June 3, 2004

Flying back to India Another rumor of the Bandh continuing, proven otherwise later. Stayed in. I have realised that my inertia is great and generally prefer to stay indoors. Bad attitude.

Pande ordered for tea in the morning and I realised that I did’t enjoy that much. I hope I can totally get out of this tea addiction.There is to be a cocktail party at the Embassy at 1900hrs. A Captain of the 86th NDA, Bala Sir’s squadron, picked us up at the hotel. Had Whiskey. Met Maj.Sasi, turns out he is from Waynad, Kerala. Back for dinner at the hotel at 2100 hrs. Went to Night Visions – the previous night’s Bar. Cdr Dam in two this time. Also to the Casino. Bala Sir explained a couple of games.I lost at the slot machine.

Live music, mostly ghazals. Back in the cabin by 0015 hours.Tomorrow 1420 hrs is our flight to Delhi.

Going home finally.

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