1st June 2004 | Landing in Kathmandu

Posted on June 1, 2004

Hotel-yak-and-Yeti-Kathmandu Checked out of the hotel at 0700 hrs and proceeded to the airport 97 km away. It was raining through. Saw children headed for school early in the morning. And the myth that it never rained in Tibet died a quiet death.

The drive was beautiful – through a mountain range, river flowing and the road alongside. Reached airport by 0830 hrs. Flight delayed by more than an hour. Air China. 1 hr 10 mins. Flew beside Everest ! What a splendid sight. Reached KAT by 1030 hrs. As usual, we were garlanded and received at the airport. Brought to Yak and Yeti hotel, a 5 star one at that. A massive banner, all the Sherpas, Asian Trekking guys – all with lots of shawls received us. Madness.

Pande and I are together. The rooms didn’t look more than 3 –star standards. All the meals can be had here, says Cdr Dam. Siesta till 1530. Ms Hawky, the record keeper came to take the details.All of us met her. Went out to New Road. Back by 1945 hours. Dinner. My stomach feels uneasy. Good to watch Hindi channels on. Everyone intends to see the night life tonight.

General happiness prevails.

Flying over Mount Everest.

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