29th May 2004 | The abode of the Dalai Lama

Posted on May 29, 2004

The Potala Palace Left for Potala palace at 1030 hrs. Norbu, the CTMA guide was the guide for the tour too. The palace was apparently not destroyed during the cultural revolution because the Tibetans guarded it. Finished by 1300 hrs. No photos allowed. Had Tibetan Lunch.

Left for the Summer palace by 1600 hrs. Close by. A very green compound. Saw a Radio and a Piano gifted by Nehru. Whatever others say, the Dalai Lamas lived in luxury. Got to know that there are 4 sects in Buddhism. Dalai lama belongs to one of these sects but administers for all sets. Karmapa is junior to him and can administer only his set.

We got discounts at the curio shop because we were Indians. Bought items worth 130 Yuan. Chaps are out again. Sleep is a great healer.

The Potala Palace.

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