19 May 2004 | The painful descent

Posted on May 19, 2004

The Craggy slopes

Started from Camp 2 (7800 m) for North Col with Rakesh, Vikas and two Sherpas. The rocky portion as usual for me, was difficult. Had noodles, changed into shell suit and moved to ABC.

Sultan, the Tibetan kitchen boy was at crampon point with juice. He got my rucksack from there on his own. Have been coughing in spells, but heavily. Parched lips. Called up home, wished Papa on his birthday.

It seems all local correspondents had contacted home as NHQ had put the word out that I was part of 2nd summit team. Told them I was sent back from 8300 m – the high-handedness of Cdr Dam. Spoke with Sinha and Shika. Sinha assumed the worst when Kanna told him that I had to come down because of medical problems and LCdr Chopra said that he was busy.

Kankan Sir summited at 0800 hrs and is back at Camp 2. Cdr Dam summited at 1125 hrs and reached 8300 only at 2100 hrs – the gentleman who said I was slow !

The missing Koreans are still stuck at the summit pyramid. They are going to die – poor kids.

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