15th May 2004 | First Team Departs

Posted on May 15, 2004

The North Cole
The day for the first team – Bhanoo,Rakesh,Vikas – to depart for Camp 1. They left 1130 hrs. Chedar Sherpa arrived by breakfast.

The Sherpas – Thamptin, Nima Galjin and the old man left after lunch. Becoming difficult to have meals by the day.Told Sinha ( the only person I have told) that I am in the climbing team. Spoke with everyone at home and with Roney separately. Pande said that he had news of heavy snowfall after 17th. Called up Dr.Gupta. He confirmed after dinner that it is best for the team to be back at ABC by fore noon on 18th May.

Haven’t told anyone at home that I am in the climbing team – they won’t be able to wish me luck and will only worry more.

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