14 May 2004 | Boarding Pass to Summit

Posted on May 14, 2004

Summit Calls
Low winds to start with in the winding. Did a rub down with wet tissues. Got to know from Kankan Sir that the climbing team is going to reduce in number. I was sure that it was going to be me.

Bhanoo helped trim my beard, much better now. Everest Cell told us that in the morning that there would be a press conference in the evening and to confirm the timing at 1430. The Korean leader came over – his plans match with that of ours. Practised fitting the regulator and wearing the oxygen mask. Breathing oxygen for the trial time was a pleasure. Started reading Taj – seems to be a good story to make a movie. Spoke with Sinha and Swati who were just back from the honeymoon trip.

In the afternoon, Cdr Dam told us about furthur plans and who all would constitute the teams. I am in and Kanna is to be stand by.  I don’t know what made him decide. The press conference was just a talk with Ashish, a correspondent of Hindustan times. Tenzing Sherpa was adamant of going with the first team, finally Dawa Tashi the Sardar agreed.

Tried calling Mitti but his cell was out of reach.

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