12th May 2004 | Altitude Selfishness

Posted on May 12, 2004

Expedition to Everest
Did wake up a lot in the night but slept a bit. We were promised hot water by the Sherpa of the international team but by the time Rakesh went to get water, their members were also awake and they refused.

I went and spoke and managed one bottle.Had cold parathas for breakfast and moved out by 0745 hrs. Filled water below IC for emergency.The Chinese camp at Changse base had also folded up so our hope of getting water there has also died. Reached ABC by 1300hrs. The Sherpas had left for C1 to ferry O2 cylinders to higher camps tomorrow.

Rested after lunch. Spoke to Papa. A PR Agency at Everest Cell wanted to speak to members – I gave the phone to Cdr Dam. Am with Bhanoo in a tent. Screaming winds. Cdr Dam gave a brief on the future plans.

First team to leave on 15th and the second team, 16th.

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