11th May 2004 | Raring to go

Posted on May 11, 2004

George Mallory's Camp Strategy to the Summit

Credit : BBC’s The Wildest Dream

Cdr Dam left for ABC by 0600 hrs. Called up home and told them that I am going to ABC – but not higher! Tried talking to Bala Sir who was down a bit, but he was almost in tears. Could empathise with him, getting so close to climbing and then being told he is unfit for the expedition.

Lunch at 1100. Started for IC by 1200 hrs – LCdr Kankan, Surg Lt Bhanoo, RPO Kanna, Rakesh LMA, Vikas LMA, and me – the climbing team. Took packed dinner and breakfast for the next day. Reached IC by 1700hrs.

The restaurant that we thought would be able to provide us basic things like warm water was found to be of an international team who were not that friendly – they were reluctant to share water saying that their LPG would get over !

Had one paratha each on arriving as Bhanoo felt very hungry.Two tents were available including that of the Koreans – we split three to each. Kankam Sir found some mattresses in another tent which we took – extremely comfortable – so much so that this stay has been the most comfortable so far.

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