8th May 2004 | Meet the new ABC Manager

Posted on May 8, 2004


Woke up to a normal day. The tourist influx has been waning in the last few days. Winds weren’t much. Tried calling up Sinha but his phone was switched off.

After breakfast, Cdr Dam said that I was to go up to ABC with the full team – ABC Manager ! Whoa ! Left for a walk cum height gain as per Cdr Dam’s instructions. Walked generally on ice. Back by 1430 hrs.

A Greek guy who is doing research on a specific gene which he thinks is present in good mountaineers.Collected our saliva samples. Applied more aloe-vera on hair. Went to Pande’s Tweetu’s tea shop. Met a 69-year old Austrian guy during height gain. He intends going to the summit.

The 28-year old Austrian woman with him has been adjudged the most beautiful woman that we have ever come across in BC.

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