7th May 2004 | Climb team possibility

Posted on May 7, 2004

Everest climbers from 1963

Copyright and Credit : National Geographic

Weather reports say windspeed would keep on rising till the 10th. The report specific to altitudes has not yet been complied with the Everest Cell. As in the general practice, IFA held court after breakfast. Changed undies, long overdue.

Instructed Galjan, our chief cook to get different vegetables and stop cabbage. Read City. After tea, Tenzing of Hotel California got one of his customers – a Chinese woman – sick because of altitude. Gave her an Overan injection – my fourth. Went to a nearby tea shop – Sherpa hotel after tea.

Met an American anesthesiologist and his Sherpa – the latter had summited Everest seven times !

Got to know that the cooks had disappeared – probably for a drink. Kankan Sir and I boiled water for the night. Anand told me that he had had a serious talk with Cdr Dam and that he feels that I might join the climb team. But then he had felt the same earlier also but that night he had spoken only about Kanna being cleared.

Checked up on the Chinese woman with Anand – she was not improving.

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