6th May 2004 | The Everest Tea Shop

Posted on May 6, 2004

Everest Tea Shop

Pix credit : Mikael Häggström / Wikipedia

Snowed for a short while during the night. No change in weather forecast. Thought of buying postcards from this post-office but others thought maybe we should try from Lhasa as 5 Yuan was little too much for a postcard.

Went to the Everest Tea Shop after breakfast. Slept there for a while. Read for a while. During lunch, realized again that cooks were falling short of rations. Need to be sorted out. Washed my hair and applied aloe vera.Scrabble has become a hit. Went to Everest Tea Shop after lunch.

Called up Zadoo – Sonali is due on 4th October. He is planning to buy an Opel Corsa.

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