5th May 2004 | Gifts from Lhasa

Posted on May 5, 2004

Existence of Divinity A kitchen help of the Russian camp was brought to us as a case of HAPE. Anand allowed me take his BP – 170/90 and a Dexa injection. He was then put into the HAPE/GAMOV bag and pressurised to 1.8kg/cm2 for 45 mins.

A Chinese group came to give the items sent by a Chinese lady Cindy, for Kankan Sir. Nice gesture by the lady who was with him for hardly 2 hours. Equally nice of the group to have carried it from Lhasa when they happened to meet each other. They brought oranges, fresh lime, biscuits and fried chips. Went to a new place where a group of Canadians were staying.

Had a great, vociferous argument on the topic of the existence of God for an hour.They were two ‘extreme Christian’ teachers couple teaching in China. Anand called up a friend of his in Chennai – Dy Cmdnt Murugan who was commanding a hovercraft.

Went for a walk with Kankan Sir and Pande – full moon and no wind.

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