3rd May 2004 | A Bit of De-briefing

Posted on May 3, 2004

Laptop chargingRest. Good to be back at BC. Tried all the combinations of power cords and chargers to charge the laptops but to no avail.Tried even at the Korean’s tent. Finally solar panel to the rescue.

Went with Kankan Sir, Anand, Pande and Bala Sir to their favourite haunt of a restaurant before lunch. Went there after tea time too.Shifted to another joint when guests arrived. I couldn’t gulp down the salted tea.Pande drank like a fish.

Cdr Dam addressed all of us. Was angry that some guys hadn’t told him or Anand their problems at North Col. He confirmed Pande’s not climbing and Kanna’s replacing him for the expedition.

Seb shifted his tent near our dining tent.

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