1st May 2004 | Paragliding down Everest

Posted on May 1, 2004

Paragliding in the Himalayas

Courtesy :paragliding-nepal.com

Fitful sleep again.Strong winds. Just after breakfast, a French guy – Seb came over to the space section. He has summited twice – once with his father and then with his wife. With his wife, he even paraglided down in 12 minutes from the top to the ABC !

Invited me for lunch. A nice chap, the second one to invite me to his country. He has got two Austrians but is not climbing himself this time. He showed his weather forecast. Early lunch of pizza. Called up BC on INMARSAT. Cdr Dam told us all to come down tomorrow. Had invited Seb for dinner but he came at 1700 hrs with a fresh weather report and said he couldn’t come for dinner.

Said that he would also be going down tomorrow.

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