29th April 2004 | Hunkered at C1

Posted on April 29, 2004

Protection gear at C1

Courtesy : moosejaw.com

Called up Sinha at 0130 hrs thinking it was his wedding at 0330 hrs this morning. Got to know that it would be tomorrow. He was driving Nitin and family around Delhi at that time !

Left for North Col by 0715 hours. Had a hard time packing things into the ice pack. Couldn’t take the pee-bottle.Just before the last stretch, the Koreans joined us. Took some photographs with them. The last stretch was very tough. Reached Camp 1 by 1500 hrs. Found the place to be closeted by the features of the land – not very cold or windy. Lots of tents. Settled into Kankan Sir’s Bibler tent. Had the packed lunch and two aspirins.

Changed into a combi-down-suit and down-booties. Got angry seeing the lethargy of Kanna and Nitin and made water from snow. They also joined in. Meanwhile I thought I had wet my right toe. Changes socks and had Rentral. They made Noodles. Tried to have it without the tastemaker but couldn’t. Had some chocolate. Headache persists.

In touch with the ABC through Motorola.

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