26th April 2004 | Enroute to the Summit

Posted on April 26, 2004

The North Col

From the North Col : Credit Chris Searl / Wikipedia

Rest. Occupied Pande’s tent. North Face. The team started up the route opened up yesterday. Sherpas – Themptin, Nima Galgin and Tenzing opened the route till 7900 m.

Was in touch with the team through the Motorola through the climb. Once I played music on the set for a few minutes. Seems the wind was very strong on top. Only Bhanoo reached 7900 m. Others reached various heights of 7200m to 7600 m.

Kankan Sir descended because his fingers started feeling dangerously cold. They returned to North Col (C1) by 1600 hrs. All fine. Sardar was unhappy that the team started at 0800 hrs when he wanted them up at 0530hrs.

They are to sleep at North Col itself.

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