23rd April 2004 |Low on Supplies

Posted on April 23, 2004

Culinary escapades

Woke up rather early – since tomorrow’s ABC trip was in my mind. Thought of showing the cook how to make French toast – he instead dipped something akin to chappathis in egg. Was good though.

Nitin left for ABC alone, AK who was to accompany him to IC didn’t, on his own accord. Snowed in the morning. Spoke to Delhi to fix up a time to speak to ABC – to no avail. Pande sent AK to IC after breakfast. Got the full consignment of socks from Kathmandu – sorted them out to send to ABC. Tied up with the Italian group’s cook to stay in their tent at IC tomorrow.

A Yak herder came in complaining of gastritis. Anand made me give him an injection – my second one. Called up home and wished Pop a Happy Anniversary. IFA looks better today – he said so too. His pulse oxymeter reading has reached 70. An Austrian Father-Son duo came to tell that Cdr Dam’s friends – a couple would be coming on next week.

The father plans to set foot on the summit and the son intends to go to North Col. Got to know that the cooks are running short of certain things including petrol and kerosene.

Climbing up to the North Col of Everest – from 2008

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