22nd April 2004 | Pizzas for dinner

Posted on April 22, 2004

Pizzas at the Base camp

Image courtesy : Pizzas and Stuff

Woke up at 0530 hrs. Played some music on the laptop and went to sleep again. Got the generator going. Received a message from ABC via Everest Cell asking for gloves.

Took them out and kept them ready. Arranged for a porter – US $ 50 ! Anand suspects Nima to have contracted TB and found that he had been ill for some time, and had effectively hidden it. Two Italians who had been cycling since the last two months across the world got to our camp. Offered them tea and invited them over for dinner. Gave a tinkle to most of my cellphone acquaintances. Hope someone calls back ! Snowed for a while. Aired the sleeping bag and the Swiss innerliners for a while.

Still eating well. Went for my walk. Changed the location of meditation to a place near the stream. The flowing waters do magic. The Italians came for dinner and ate as if it as their last meal on Earth. One of them had been out for the past 4 months. They do around 80km a day and carry 40 kg of baggage. Showed us pix from their trip through Thailand,Vietnam,China. Thailand seemed beautiful with its temples and beaches.

The cook made pizzas. Ha!

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