21st April 2004 | Intermediate Camp Ho !

Posted on April 21, 2004

Nitin, AK Singh, Nima Sherpa and I set off to IC by 0710 hrs. Nitin and Nima were to continue to the ABC. Nima was with me. I realised that he has not recuperated fully.

The Intermediate Base camp - a 2011 image

The Intermediate  camp – a 2011 image

I was gunning to make it to IC under 4 hours, buoyed especially by the fact that my pulse oxymeter reading was 95 yesterday. When we reached 2/3rds of the way, realised that Nima was in a bad state, asked him to go back and proceeded alone to catch up with Nitin and AK Singh. Caught up with them below the last climb.

Reached the top by 1100, under 4 hours. Nitin was not that confident of going to ABC alone, even I felt so, told him to come back. Had lunch enroute. Spent one hour atop, at IC. Reached Base Camp by 1530hrs.

Met Nima on my way back. Exchanged his rucksack with the lighter AK Singh’s. Found a Belgian and an Irish lady at Base Camp searching for a stocky Sherpa with a grand moustache, who was supposed to be with our team. Took rest. The Belgian was an osteopath doing voluntary health assistance in Nepal. The Irish spoke relentlessly and was slowly becoming a minor headache. A Belgian couple soon joined us and piled on for dinnertime too.

A new 1.4 kV generator  arrived from Kathmandu. A slight headache.

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