17th April 2004 | A Spitfire Acrobat

Posted on April 17, 2004

A Spitfire acrobat who is a Mountaineer

Woke up at 0530 hrs to take the Korean’s laptop charger before they left for the ABC. Slept again. An Italian team up to treat their cook – muscular pain and pharyngitis. Anand made me take his BP and give him an Overan injection.

They had tea with us and had a long chat. Nice chaps. One was a farm hand, one a Nuclear physicist (who spoke flawless English),the lady worked in a fruit & veg processing company along with the last one. They had spent US $ 10,000 each. No sponsors.

Seems Italy is expensive for a back packer. Shoestring dreams still prevail. The IFA, Mr.Sandu arrived soon after work with a Russian group. A nice, talkative chap.

An English group, which had a 73-year old and another who does acrobatics on vintage aircrafts like Spitfire visited us having seen the stickers at Thingri. India won the 3rd Test !

Anand and I made a return call to the English camp. Had a great time. Its started snowing heavily.

Highlights of the 3rd Test, India-Pakistan, 2004.

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