16th April 2004 | Colin Harrison’s company

Posted on April 16, 2004

Yaks as transporters

courtesy : notjusttreks.com

The second and the final part of the luggage was sent up by Yaks today.There was too much of a ruckus, I hope all of them have gone up. US $ 100 per yak. Phenomenal ! CMA officer Dorji got them in order. Tried charging the laptops but the chargers have all turned out to be faulty.

Discovered that they could be charged by the solar panels but the connector doesn’t fit right at the laptop end. Gave up. Got tent arranged for IFA. Gave a motivational talk to Tenzing, the guy who helped us get the gen connection from Apin. He is pretty intelligent for a 20-year old Tibetan, brought up in his environment.Very strong winds. Irritating. The tents are full of dust. IFA would be coming tomorrow, says one of the officials around.

Bathed, reading Manhattan Nocturne’ by Colin HarrisonAlan Watts’ Cloud-hidden wasn’t suiting my present mood. Anand and Kanna returned from ABC. Said everyone was fine on top except Nitin Singh who had to be assessed after a couple of days. Put one laptop for charge in the Korean tent. Went for my walk and meditation.

Explored ways to cross the stream nearby for a probable height  gain. The liaison officer’s gen has tripped. Winds stopped at night.

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