15th April 2004 | The Mountaineer Poet

Posted on April 15, 2004

Poetry at the Base Camp

Enjoyed getting up late. Sleeping after morning tea is always enjoyable. More tourists. The INMARSAT battery is totally useless. Tried all stunts on the generator. No Joy. Went with Tenzing to the Bulgarian camp to ask for a spare gen set but since the leader was not present, we couldn’t get it.

Tenzing then contacted Apin who said we could connect to his gen set. Met an American who has been wandering since Jan 2003 – 6 months in Africa, 6 months in NZ and Australia combined. He has been travelling on his bicycle. He has also cycled his way up from Lhasa to BC ! Carries his tent, store, utensils, oil etc. Spends close to US $ 4 a day! Connected up the tent light to the generator. The 50 m of wire has come to use after all. The American, Seth, had breakfast – he does rely on the people’s goodwill wherever he goes and he is indulged, I must say.

Spoke to Dava Sherpa  regarding a new gen set. Said he would send it across. Washed my head. Invited the Korean team for dinner. Got to know we are in a comfortable position in the 2nd Test Match with Pakistan. Koreans came on time, with their cameras in tow, and a gift. Dinner was sumptuous. Their team leader, a 37 –  year old had done 6 of the 8 thousanders. Four of them were college under grads. The lady, 38-years old, is a professional climber and single. Received a note from Cdr Dam through a Sherpa to send socks up by tomorrow.

Wrote a short poem for the team – in pure Naval tradition- a ‘first’ in my life.

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