14th April 2004 | Tent alone

Posted on April 14, 2004

Sharing Tea

Woke up at leisure. It was a pleasure sleeping in the tent that was now completely yours, in the bosom of Himalayas. The zipper though, thought otherwise. Spoke to Dorji, the CMA liaison officer regarding the generator. He said he would try. Read after breakfast. “Pakistan – 223 all out on the first day of the 2nd test. India at 23 for 1 loss of wicket “- courtesy Everest Cell. Shifted baggage to Pande’s tent. Washed clothes.

Managed to put one laptop on charge in the Korean tent using their charger. Took a lot of time to charge. Had Nick ( Greenland) and Joseba (Spain) for tea.   I have started feeling more and more that people all around the world are same as regards to feelings – of fear, hope and apprehensions. It kept occurring to me when they were speaking about their country and their expeditions.

Greenland is expensive to move about whereas Spain is the second cheapest, next to Portugal, according to them. Invited the Americans working in Antarctica to dinner. Went for my walk and attempted meditation. Unsuccessful. Dinner at 2000hrs. Did try to make it an elaborate affair. One of them was exactly my age.

Talk ranged from what they do, to Russians, to their travel so far, massages, Hollywood movies, to China. A free and friendly atmosphere. I am learning, no doubt about that. Strong winds. No moon. Sky as beautiful as ever.

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