13th April 2004 |Inclusive neighborhood

Posted on April 13, 2004

Safekeeper of Laptops

I was handed over a lot of money for safekeeping by Cdr Dam. Both laptops with me. Team departed for IC by 0930 hours. Part of luggage left back – to go by Yaks on 16th April.

One of the International Teams which came back from the ABC requested the use of our dining tent as theirs was at ABC. They had lunch here – 3 Dutch, 3 Czech, 1 Spanish and one from Greenland. Average age was 40 years. One of the guys I spoke to had visited both North Pole and South Pole too. The generator O/P supply has gone kaput. One Korean guy came to help us out. No joy. Read. Went out for a walk. Met two women from the US – they work in Antarctica ! It seems that they have 4 months of continuous nights and encounter -40° C plus wind chill. Realised that in a place like this people are very open, genuine and unreserved. I say this because in no time we started talking and laughing.

They have been having Diamox everyday as recommended by their Doc. Had Diamox in the kitchen tent itself. The zippers of my tent are done for.

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