11th April 2004 | Easter and Aloe Vera

Posted on April 11, 2004

Aloevera benefits

Was a relatively undisturbed sleep. For a change felt warm somewhere along the morning and removed a layer of clothing. Also, looks like the control over the bladder has significantly increased.

Woke with the commotion caused by the ‘seeing off’ party of Ms. Niru Nanda, IAS.  Joined in. She gave all of us a warm hug. She is my Mom’s age. Called up home – Roney, Mitty to wish Easter. Explained the working of INMARSAT to Kanna and AK Singh.

It was surprising to hear Pop feeling happy about my expedition. He said that it was a great chance and that I should write down the whole thing. Thankfully, his voice seemed devoid of any apprehension regarding his son. Most of the guys went up a nearby ridge. Anand I opted for a flat route walk. Back by 1330 hrs.

Washed my feet and applied Aloe Vera on toes and fingers. Pande got the local goat – barrel’s set of horns. Apparently, it is almost a contraband item.

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