10th April 2004 | Golf at the Summit

Posted on April 10, 2004

Chocolates for the team

Day to relax. Climbers adjusted their crampons. Went through the folder about Everest that the South African doctor had prepared. Told Kankan Sir that I wanted equipment to sustain me till Camp 1. The International Team invited us over but requested that only a few of us come.

In turn, we invited them over for dinner. Went for a walk in the evening till the camp of Russel Brice. Saw the memorials there. Met a guy, Harry-who runs a hotel in France but is from the UK. Had paid US $ 35,000 for a trip to the summit. It seems Mr. Brice has 12 clients this year.

The International Team had 4 members including a lady. One, a 53-year old Nuclear Physicist, one is a 36-year old doctor from SA, another guy and the lady from Norway. She had sold off her company in 1996 and started climbing.

The guy from Norway works in a construction company. Both of them own sail boats. The doctor’s sense of humor was fantastic. He had reached 8500 m last year. This year he plans to be the first to play golf on the summit and is carrying 3 clubs and bio-degradable golf balls. He met the Nuclear Physicist on the Net and the Norwegian on another expedition and ended up organising this one. His daughter is the mascot of the expedition ( how sweet ).

Kankan Sir was in a mood to rampage on MARSAT, and I too joined him. The International Team gave us Easter Eggs and another box of Irish chocolates.

The memorials to climbers who perished.


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