9th April 2004 | An IMC dry run

Posted on April 9, 2004

Russel Brice of Himalayan Experience

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Started for intermediate camp by 0745 hrs. Ours was the last group, slow pace. Did ‘vir bhadrasan’ on a river of ice. Pande was generally putting into practice all the tips he got from the NDTV cameraman at Delhi.

Indian Naval Everest Expedition-2004 - Veerbhadrasana enroute to Everest

Indian Naval Everest Expedition-2004 – Veerbhadrasana enroute to Everest

It was a very long route. Reached 5800 m by 1415 hrs. Had the packed lunch; my appetite seems to grow with altitude. Most of the guys just about had something. One of the Yak herding ladies caught hold of me and was pulling me off to some place.

Started back by 1500 hrs. Moved down at a good pace. Head was aching slightly. Enroute met the Koreans going up.

The Korean lady took our email addresses and gave hers to us. She has been on 6 peaks of Himalayas and is now a mountaineer by vocation. Slight snowfall. Reached by 1830 hrs.  Russel Brice’s luxurious tents have been set up by them. It seems you just come, pay what he asks and he takes you to the summit, the current rate was US $ 45,000.

Headache remains. Changed and dunked aspirins. Rest till 2000 hrs. Dinner. Heard a lot about Lalu Prasad Yadav’s exploits.

The Man never ceases to amaze us.

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