7th April 2004 |’Gearing’ up

Posted on April 7, 2004

Bachendri Pal conquers Everest

Bachendri Pal, the first Indian Woman to conquer Everest

Thought of waking up before anyone but realised that almost everyone was up and about much earlier than me. Cdr Dam’s aunt decided to light a Diya which she made out of maida dough (refined flour) – some of us tagged along.

She is so energetic for a Senior AS Officer, CMD of Delhi Financial Corporation and all of 56 years old. She did her Basic Course way back when Bachendri Pal was doing her Advanced Course !

Climbing equipment had to be sorted out. The entire team got together and opened, distributed, segregated and repacked in Army Kits of 20 kgs each for load ferrying by Yaks. Called up Sinha but got disconnected. Anand has been told to take care of the kitchen. Cdr Dam’s aunt put in a lot of effort for preparing lunch. Both she and Anand made separate sweet dishes.

She has promised to take us for Dinner to Hyatt when we get back.

Bachendri Pal now works for the Tata Foundation.

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