6th April 2004 | Nosebleeds and Umrao Jaan

Posted on April 6, 2004

Satellite Communication at the Basecamp

Realised that the time between 0200-0300 hrs is when I can’t get sleep. Kankan Sir introduced me to the basics of Pranayama in the morning. Saw a couple of specks of blood while blowing my nose. Breakfast is real good. The cooks told me that they would be going to Kailash after they finish work with us and a Mexican Team.

I am feeling so relaxed here – no worries, no baggage, no burden of any relationships, good clean air, no deadlines, plenty of books and plenty to eat ! I am sure to be looking healthier when I get back. Took a full fledged bath in the shower tent made. Soon after, the Main Team arrived from Thingri. Commotion as expected. Cdr.Dam’s aunt also came along. Lunch turned out to be insipid and sure enough Cdr Dam was angry with the Base Camp party accusing us of wild partying in Kathmandu and having not displayed any interest in the things here. Watched the video clippings  and the photographs Pande took enroute. Started snowing in the evening itself. Pande explained to me regarding communication with Delhi and weather schedules. Entire team along with the Sherpas sat together after dinner.

Routine, climbing schedules, were discussed. Retired at about 2000 hrs. Tried calling up home, called up on Iridium. Its routed via satellite monitored by US Army. Listened to Umrao Jaan. Kankan Sir said that Cdr Dam had enquired why I was ‘down’ and had told him that it was because I was not climbing.

From the Umrao Jaan playlist.

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