5th April 2004 |Mountaineering and Scrabble

Posted on April 5, 2004

Scrabble at Base Camp

Continuous sleep eludes me still. I envy Kankan Sir’s sonorous, deep sleep. Left for height gain by 0930 hrs. Sherpas – Thamptin and Tashi came with us. Slow and  steady we walked. Removed the sweater in the beginning itself. It was very hot !

Saw the Russian Base Camp for the first time. Their Yaks have moved towards ABC,  it can’t reach the place though. Apparently they are taking only 3 climbing Sherpas – confident guys. More teams have pitched tent in our area. No one seems to go ahead to set the Base Camp.Went upto 5300 m by my watch which could mean 5400 m.While coming back we stopped at the Russian Camp – they greeted us by warm Namastes ! They also have radio communication.

Back for lunch by 1400 hrs. Listened to music ( Konkan Sir’s DiscMan) and later read through Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘When we were Orphans’. Joined the game of Scrabble which was going on – a pretty good game. Classes/ revision of basic mountaineering course by Kankan Sir. Chess – Anand and Kanna. Started with dinner.Went on till 2240 hrs. Started snowing slightly. Since tents for the rest of the team was also pitched, our camp looks a bit crowded now.

Seems to be a full moon. The entire area looks ethereal, almost heaven.

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