3rd April 2004 | A change in status

Posted on April 3, 2004

A few of the Eight Thousanders

A few of the 8,000-nders / Credit : Wikipedia

Snowed mildly last night. Went to take leaks at least 4 times. Got to get over this. Interrupted sleep again. Still been able to start with a good breakfast. I hope my appetite goes strong. Asked a few medical questions which Anand more than eagerly obliged to explain.

He has agreed to be the doc if there is another exodus to Everest in 2006. Kankan Sir says he will be Base Camp Manager. Anand said that he always thought that I would be climbing and that it is the surprising change in Lt.Balaji’s status which had clipped my dreams. ( Dreams? What dreams ?) No height gain today. Sleeping bags aired, clothes dried, sailors have had a wash too. Tomorrow is our chance.

Long discussions on matters of physiology, anatomy. Read. Another evening walk. All members sat and talked. Good. Memorised all 14 peaks of 8000 m.  Got to know that international out dialling codes is different for each country. Hmmm. Also realised that AK Singh is pretty good in general knowledge. Early dinner, it seems.

Loss of breath till 0100 hrs (should I be worried?). Slept okaye afterwards.

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