2nd April 2004 | Walking into Superstitions

Posted on April 2, 2004

Everest from the North Face

Courtesy : Nepal Travel and Tour

Woke up at 0600 hrs as usual. The tension in the morning is that of going to the latrines comfortably without anyone walking up on you, towering above you and taking a leak !  Had heard enough and more about constipation in high altitudes. Went for a flat walk to a nearby monastery.

The guide there had visitors had a long time and very diligently took us everywhere-underground, amongst rocks, caves. Told stories – most seemed utterly superstitious, showed us various marks on rocks which he interpreted as footprints or image of a woman etc; The man had been living a near solitary life for the past 11 years !  There was a big rock which resembled the Kailash Parbat from one side and the other side exactly like the North face of Chomolongma – great ! Some of the Sherpas climbed it. Was a long walk back to BC.

The walk as such was against Anand’s idea, he didn’t come. Kankan Sir was angry with him for not coming and had poured water over him and his stuff in the tent. Very bad headache on reaching. Held on for 2 hrs, had Aspirins afterwards which brought in mighty relief and could have dinner properly. In bed by 2230 hrs.

The North Face of  Mount Everest.

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