01st April 2004 | Using Face masks

Posted on April 1, 2004

A celebratory drink

Tenzing and Hillary celebrates at Camp IV / Credit & Rights : National Geographic

Nimish Sharma’s Birthday. The harrowing prospect of going to the latrines loomed large since waking up. Tried finding a ‘suitable’ place in the open air but could not cross the stream that fell enroute. Braved the psychological hazards of the camp ones. Wore the face mask bought at Tingri. Using this facility for the next two months – horrendous !

Rest day. No headaches, thankfully. Saw a group of Chinese tourists who had arrived early in the morning – especially to take photographs of Everest. Reverted to Nepali time from Chinese Time. Realised that the sacred thread given by the Rimpoche a few days back is no longer around my neck. Is this some kind of a sign?

The best pastime when you are lying around with nothing to do and a disagreeable sleep is to think about light things – women being a single interesting topic. What all you could have done, what were not done because you over-respected the society, or because you knew you could simply do it! Some instances make you yearn to have been a bad man, some have been so beautiful that you catch yourself smiling.

Best explains my pastime.


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