29th March 2004 | First sight of Everest

Posted on March 29, 2004

Mount Everest from Thingri

Photo by: Joe Hastings, Creative Commons

Started at 1000hrs for Thingri – 3 Sherpas and us in two Land Cruisers. One vehicle had a flat enroute. Excellent vehicle. Just short of Thingri, got the first sight of Everest – what a splendid sight.

Reached 4330 m at 1300 hours. Put up at Hotel Tiangfu – 2 per room. Vast expanse of arid land. Had lunch and slept for 2 hours. Had a tough but funny time making them understand that we wanted coffee.

Ended up taking things from the kitchen ! Walked with Kankan Sir. Watched a documentary on martial arts of China. Spoke with Lt Cdr Chopra at Everest cell. Confusion arose regarding itinerary – we insisted that we wanted to stay here for two days.

The original liaison officer who was to be here didn’t get back from the base camp. Finally it has been agreed upon that we will stay put and get the financial implication cleared up in Base Camp. Thanapi Sherpa said that a Post Office gets set up at BC later on. The loo here is atrocious with only a 1’ partition between cubicles. When I set down to write this entry, whole lot of staff came and stood around me – good fun – recorded by Kankan Sir. One guy got milk and coffee for us out of goodwill.

No headaches as such. Only a slight discomfort while shaking my head. My ball-point pen refuses to write.

A Splendid Video on Sunrise on Mount Everest.

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