26th March 2004 | Base Camp Ho!

Posted on March 26, 2004

Friendship Bridge - Kathmandu-China

Started for Kodari (Nepal/China (Tibet) at 0730 hours by bus. Uneventful drive. Some of the way I felt as if the drive was through Ranni. Reached by 1230 hrs. Lunch at Kodari. Emigration formalities were taken care of by the two representatives of Asian Trekking.

The officials were paid Rs 200/- INR per head as a goodwill gesture. Bloody bribe! Crossed the ‘Friendship Bridge’ into China. They took an individual temperature check for SARS. Took an hour to transfer our luggage into a Chinese truck.We were transported to our hotel at by 1730 hours ( Chinese time is 2.5 hrs ahead of IST ). A 2 – star hotel by Chinese Standards. The take tea without sugar and milk. Food was arranged for at a restaurant opp to the hotel.

They made special food for me – vegetarianism being rare. “No meat, no meat” used to be my statement. Sumptuous and filling.

The TV had only Chinese channels. Walked about the town a bit. Hair dressing salons  were aplenty and looked all posh; decent departmental stores. Had to speak sternly with the Sherpas to put sentries in the truck with the luggage. Blew a very good chance of taking a bath.

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