25th March 2004 | A Puja for Everest

Posted on March 25, 2004

Boudhnath Temple-Kathmandu

Official puja (!) at Bodhnath Temple for the success of the expedition. Paid (Nepali Currency) Rs 11, 500/-  for each climbing member and Rs 500/- for base camp members. All the Sherpas and us were ‘blessed’ by a Rimpoche. Collected the sacred thread. Last briefing for the trip ahead by Dawa Steven Sherpa, Asian Trekking. Changed INR into NC and futhur into Chinese Yuan. Rates varied according to the whims of the money changers.

Called up Jagat and Anu to wish them on their birthdays which fall tomorrow. Went with Kankan Sir for dinner to another place with a live band.Lot of tourists – all happy and boisterous.

Great seeing such happy people , all living the moment – something I so so so much want to be able to do. Anu called up at night – read out a portion of Nightlife’ by Haneif Khureishi which she liked as much as I did.

Glad I could speak to her, she is so genuine. Age and wisdom have gone hand in hand in her case – lucky I got to know her. Wish I could have been able to wish her in person. She turns 43 tomorrow. Some chance meetings go on to make such an impact on us – we feel so thankful.

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