24th March 2004 | Temples of Kathmandu

Posted on March 24, 2004

Visiting temples of Kathmandu
Lazed around in the cabin till noon. Asian Trekking sent a vehicle for us to go around Kathmandu.

  • Neelkantha Vishnu – Has a stone form of Vishnu in repose on a bed formed by the 11 headed serpent. Seems a farmer saw it in a dream and got people to excavate it to find it.
  • Bodhinath Temple – Buddha’s temple ( Too many women wearing extremely low rise jeans ! )
  • Pashupathi Temple – Spread over a large area. Many cremations were underway. Saw the bust of the corrupt Brahmin, Kalki which is supposedly growing out of the earth. The world is supposed to end when the whole figure surfaces.

More on Pashupathi Temple.

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