23rd March 2004 | Soaking in Kathmandu

Posted on March 23, 2004

Swayambhunath Temple - Kathmandu

credit : Jmhullot

Luggage arrived but not able to trace one packet, so still at the airport. Got the group visa for China. Exchanged INR 4500/- into Nepali Rupee @ Rs. 1.60 per INR. Went to Swayambhunath Stupa. Went to a place to find out about Ayurvedic Massage, looked more like a seedy joint for sexual satisfaction.

The expedition mood has not come anywhere near me. Called up Sinha. Went to the embassy, met the defense attache’ Col.George Mathai. Got a certificate showing the arrival date of the advance party – Lt.Cdr Kankan, Surg Lt Cdr P Anand, S.S. Kanna, Regulating Petty Officer, and A K Singh, Leading Writer.

The hotel room, seems to be the best place. I am, as usual, not living in the present. Opted for a Nepali meal platter for dinner. Didn’t like it much though. Called up home and Shikha too. Chatted with Sheetal and Ankur on the Net.

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